Somalia – Sudan – Red Sea – Suez (October 2016)

Published 6 years ago, updated 4 years ago

Just a quick message to report that we have safely crossed the red sea from South to North in October 2016.

Ralf (a great German sailor and friend) and I have sailed from Seychelles during September 2016 and climbed the Red Sea stopping in Sudan (we skipped Djibouti because the wind was favourable and we decided to keep on going).  Our first stop after Victoria in Seychelles was Suakin in Sudan (30 km south of Port Sudan) where with the help of the agent Muhammed we had a very pleasant stop, got fuel and groceries and visited Port Sudan by bus.

The passage has been hard in terms of sailing, almost 900 nm upwind, but absolutely safe in terms of pirates and problems.  There are warships, airplanes etc. that check on you every day and we felt very safe.  I think our main problem was the insurance. Admiral refused to insure us, as do all the others, so that is the real problem.  Up to Port Sudan, no insurance.

As for the sailing upwind, we made very good progress by utilising the wind shifts from west to east during the day and stopping in Marsas (or reef) when the wind was over 25 knots.  Due to the waves, progress, when the wind is over 25 knots, is slow.

We entered Port Ghalib in Egypt, all easy, visited Luxor (beautiful), sailed to Suez and with the help of Felix agency transited the Suez Canal.  The cost for a 43 footer is approx. 800 USD + 150 USD for bribes. In Egypt everyone wants a token, they shake you to the last penny.  Just be patient.

Massimo V

SV Giampi

Wauquiez 43 – Valencia to Valencia via Panama and Suez in 14 months


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