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If you’re an active cruiser or planning to be, imagine sailing into an unfamiliar port, whether it is in the South Pacific, the Caribbean, on the U.S. Coast, in Turkey or Thailand, and there’s a host there to provide information in advance and welcome you when you arrive. That’s just one of the perks of joining the SSCA.

Published 10 years ago, updated 5 years ago

SSCA is one of, if not the, oldest, largest and premier cruising associations. It is a non-profit, international organization with nearly 10,000 members, and has been supporting liveaboard cruisers for over fifty years.

The goals of the original founders are still the goals of SSCA today: sharing cruising information, camaraderie, and leaving a clean wake. The key benefits of being an SSCA member are:

  • Monthly Commodores’ Bulletin written BY cruisers FOR cruisers.
  • Over 150 volunteer Cruising Stations world-wide that offer a variety of information and guidance and can welcome member cruisers when they arrive in an area.
  • SSCA’s Concerned Cruisers’ Committee advocates on behalf of cruisers’ rights and has been instrumental in helping to defeat a recent amendment in Florida that would be detrimental to cruisers and has helped extend anchoring laws in Florida and Georgia.
  • SSCA’s website has an on-going equipment survey that over 1000 members have contributed to where members can find out what others say about equipment before spending their cruising budget on equipment.
  • SSCA’s website has Member Only Special Offers and Discounts offered by vendors and marinas as well as a variety of useful resource links for the cruising boater.
  • SSCA’s website offers a member locator feature to assist in finding members wherever they may be.
  • SSCA holds Gams; some small and informal, some large multi-day events with world-renown speakers and presentations. Upcoming, Essex, CT June 21-23, Annapolis, MD Sept. 26-28, St. Petersburg, FL Oct 18, Melbourne, FL Nov 14-16
  • SSCA offers SSU, an online educational arm offering affordable webinars on a variety of topics taught by experienced professionals.

All this and more for a very reasonable $55 per year per boat.

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