Saint Vincent & the Grenadines: Vandalism on Moored Yacht

An issue over a mooring in the Tobago Cays Marine Park in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines led to a yacht’s mooring line being cut and a near disaster when the boat almost ran aground.

Published 1 year ago

Source:  CSSN

DATE:  2023-04-12 00:30

LOCATION: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines – Union – Clifton Harbor

EVENT: Vandalism



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A yacht was approached (on entry to Clifton Harbor – as is normal) and led to a non-park mooring. What was perceived as a high fee was demanded by the boat boy, but refused by the yacht skipper. The boat was then taken to one of the park moorings and a proper Marine Park ticket/voucher given for payment. A lot of harsh words were exchanged.

That night, the yacht’s mooring line was cut (attaching the yacht to the mooring buoy) and the boat was cast adrift. The crew was awakened by the unusual motion of the boat at 0030HRS. The crew managed to avert disaster and were very close to going aground/striking the concrete dock.

The next morning another young man arrived at 0500 and asked to be paid for his “services”, although he had not been involved in mooring the boat in any way.

When examined closely it was clear that many sharp cuts had been made on the yacht’s mooring line. The crew visited the Marine Park offices later that day and after some discussion the overnight fee ($60ECD) was waived given the circumstances, and the yacht departed.

Lesroy Noel, the Tobago Cay Marine Park Manager, has clarified the options available to yachts visiting Clifton Harbour including the mooring selection/payment process for their moorings and the role/payment of boat boy. The helpful details are contained in this CSSN News report.

CSSN NOTE:  If you are a victim, please take five minutes to complete the CSSN online incident report, it’s quick, confidential and keeps our cruising community fully and factually  informed.

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