Saint Lucia, Soufriere, Bat Caves: Burgled while ashore – February 2017

Burgled while ashore.

Published 7 years ago, updated 5 years ago

DATE: 2017-02-13 11:30

Country Name: St. Lucia

Location Detail: Soufriere Bat Caves

EVENT: Burglary

HAND: First hand report

Stolen Items: Cash, computers, camera, electronics



Around noon (12h00) while the crew was ashore, their yacht was broken into. The thieves were unable to gain entry through the well-secured door but were able to use a knife (which they left behind) to defeat a hatch lock. They took cash and electronics.

Three of the 4 moorings at the Bat Caves were occupied at the time.

A report was made to the SMMA marine park, who refunded the daily mooring fee and advised against leaving boats unoccupied at night.

CSSN NOTE: Night-time burglaries have been a problem at this location for several years. Given that the local thieves have grown significantly bolder if you choose to visit, consider leaving someone on board at all times.

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