Saint Lucia, Rodney Bay Marina: Theft – January 2015

As reported by the Caribbean Security and Safety Net.

Published 8 years ago, updated 4 years ago

DATE: 2015-01-17 01:00

Country Name: St. Lucia

Location Detail: Rodney Bay Marina

EVENT: Theft

Stolen Items: 2 x Montagu Paratrooper Pro folding bikes, black. 18″ &20″ folding bike frames. These bikes would stand out as they are brand new and have a frame shape that would be easily recognizable.


DETAILS: We were preparing for a day out with bikes left locked to a cleat from the previous evening, on the dock right beside the boat. Next morning both bikes were stolen and the cut lock was left hanging on the cleat. We also heard from Marina staff that during the previous night, a dinghy was stolen from a dock on the opposite side of the main Marina Boardwalk. A valuable lesson learned – to keep everything on the boat until we need it. Reported to Marina Staff.

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