Saint Lucia, Marigot Bay: Burlgary – February 2017

Burgled while ashore.

Published 7 years ago, updated 5 years ago

Are reported by CSSN.

DATE: 2017-02-17 21:00

Country Name: St. Lucia

Location Detail: Marigot

EVENT: Burglary


Stolen Items: all cell phones and chargers onboard.

SECURED: Not Locked


While ashore in the evening, a yacht on an outside mooring was entered and thoroughly ransacked.

All doors and hatches were closed, but a guest failed to properly engage a lock on one cabin hatch, which the thief discovered and used for entry/exit.

The vendor who rented the mooring had warned the crew of the problems in this bay and suggested taking all cash/passports/valuables with them to dinner. The phones and chargers left behind were taken.

Nearby boats were occupied, but not aware of the boarding/burglary.

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  1. March 19, 2019 at 2:51 AM
    Data Entry says:

    Two days earlier, on February 16th, two fishing rods were stolen from another boat in this bay. They were well secured to the boat (lines visibly cut) and were stolen overnight while the crew slept. A report was made to the port captain and the police (photos of the fishing gear were provided).