Saint Lucia, Marigot Bay: Burgled whilst ashore and again whilst asleep – October 2017

A charter yacht was burgled twice in the same night.

Published 5 years ago, updated 4 years ago

As reported by CSSN:

DATE: 2017-10-29 01:30

Country Name: St. Lucia

Location Detail: Marigot

EVENT: Theft


Stolen Items: cash

SECURED: Not Locked


A charter catamaran was assisted to a mooring 50 yards west of the Chateau MyGo dock. As instructed by their charter company, they concealed valuables on board before going to sleep. Sometime after 1:30 AM they were boarded as they slept and $500 was taken from the unlocked yachts nav station. A police report was made.

Later that evening while ashore for dinner (this time the yacht was locked), the yacht was boarded again and burgled. (See next report)

DATE: 2017-10-29 17:00

Country Name: St. Lucia

Location Detail: Marigot

EVENT: Burglary


Stolen Items: cash. watch, wedding ring



A charter catamaran on a mooring 50 yards west of Chateau MyGo dock was boarded for a second time (see prior report) that day. It had been well locked up after a prior incident before going ashore for dinner.

The port bow hatch had been jimmied. Additional cash, a watch, and a man’s wedding ring were stolen.

A police report had already been made, and these items were added to the original report/list. The police recovered $300 and the wedding ring 2 days later, which were returned to the owners 6 months later when a family member returned to St. Lucia. No charges were filed.

At the conclusion of the charter, a report was made to the Martinique charter company, which was described as “sympathetic yet not helpful.”

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