Sailing Advisory Galapagos to Marquesas

This Sailing Advisory is provided for the Eastern Tropical Pacific EQ­15 S and from 85W – 145W.

Published 7 years ago, updated 4 years ago

Route: Yachts leaving the Galapagos Islands for the Marquesas are recommended to sail south or south-west as the wind direction allows, along 90W, until the South East Trades become stable, which is generally around 3 ­-4 South (See Note below). Then head west towards a waypoint around 6S/100W and from there directly towards the Marquesas.

Note: It should be noted that south of Isla Isabela is an area with often calm or light variable winds, this being the reason it is recommended to leave the Galapagos setting a course south as indicated above.

Wind Direction: South East Trade Winds first from the SSE and as moving westwards becoming more easterly, even at times before reaching Marquesas ENE winds can be experienced. Wind force average 10-­20 kt. with variations within a 24 hour period. Stronger or lighter conditions can also be experienced in periods. Infrequent light to moderate convection with gusts and/or squalls. In periods also Trough Systems present eastern part of the area, east to west direction.

Sea: Swell from Southwest/South/Southeast 6-­9 ft. average, at times higher, actual direction depending on weather systems (High & Low-Pressure systems) passing west to east south of the area. Swell generally large and long. The disturbed sea can also be experienced in periods.

Current: South Equatorial Current west/northwest moving.

Weather: In general terms, the daily weather information/forecasts will provide actual predicted conditions.

Marine Weather Fax Charts covering eastern tropical Pacific from NOAA/NWS via US Coast Guard Stations at New Orleans, La. – Honolulu, Hawaii – Pt. Reyes, Ca.

Schedule and Charts also available on NOAA/NWS Web­Site:
Marine RadioFax Charts

High Seas Text forecasts from NOAA/NWS Web­Site:

Passage Weather:

Global Sailing Weather:

Marine Weather on Line: Pacific (SE)

GMDSS Marine Weather forecasts (METAREA XII) via Inmarsat or Web­Site:

Earth and Space Research  – OSCAR – Ocean Surface Current Analysis Realtime 

Compiled by the late Karsten Staffeldt, Panama City, Panama R.P. December 2013 and last updated February 2016 (see note from Editor below)

Sources: Cruising Guides – Monitoring Marine Weather information and forecasts for more than 10 years covering the area – Contacts/Reports from Yachts making the voyage Galapagos – Marquesas.

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