Routing: Grenada to Panama

Published 6 years ago, updated 4 years ago

Routing Grenada to Panama: 

We generally take the same route. Last time we went north from Grenada to Martinique, where there is great provisioning for a long trip. St Martin is better, but we didn’t want to go that far north since we left during hurricane season.

Then we crossed to Bonaire, which is our favourite island to date for all the water sports activities there and beautiful water. We only went to Curaçao because Hurricane Matthew forced us to take shelter. It is worth noting that the Spanish Waters in Curaçao is a fantastic hurricane hole. We could not tell that anything was happening until we drove to the city. Anyway, Aruba is terrible for cruisers and we will skip it next time.

So we would go Bonaire to Cabo de Vela, Colombia, for a short break; then continue to Santa Marta. As beautiful as Cartagena is, we believe Santa Marta is a much better place to keep your boat. We felt safe and walked all over Santa Marta and took a bus to Cartagena. All our friends were unhappy with their boats in Cartagena. There was only one problem with Santa Marta: they do not have potable water at the docks. So we had to get water delivered by the 5-gallon jugs.

From Santa Marta, we went straight to the San Blas, Panama.

Janice Rowland

Livin’ Life

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