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PORT TOMIS (Constanta)

Position 44°10.550 N, 28°39.943″E.

Port Tomis is the site of the marina in the ancient sea port of Constanta. It has been a port since the 1st century BC and is the oldest city in Romania. This is an all weather harbour and safe in winds from any direction. The entrance can be difficult to see until almost upon it, especially when arriving with the sun setting in the west. Use extra care and attention when arriving in strong southerly or southeasterly winds.


Call on VHF Channel 67 on approach, but do not be surprised if no one responds. The harbour is serviced by the border police, housed in a white metal container about halfway along the east quay, and it is best to tie up alongside the east quay, close to the sentry box to complete formalities. The friendly border police officer filled out the customs declaration, and asked me to sign and stamp some forms. He mentioned that the port authorities might or might not visit the boat, no one came. If you are already cleared into Romania this is all that is required, if not, more formalities might be necessary

Upon departure we informed the border police of our intended destination, put our boat stamp on a form, and we were cleared to go.


Either moor alongside or bow/stern to the eastern quay or any other suitable place as directed. There are now floating pontoons in the harbour, and they might be available, check with marina personnel. Water and electricity installed, and is available.


There is no security; the entire area is open to the public. Better security in Mangalia.


Position 44°03.769’N, 28°38.588’E.

This marina is just 10NM south of Port Tomis (Constanta); it is surrounded by modern beach resort hotels, some of which play very loud music. The entrance has silted to a depth of less than 2.2 meters. Approach dead slow and not when any swells are running, be especially cautious in southerly winds and waves.


Immigration (Border Police) and Harbour master are based here – this has not been verified.


The marina does not appear very large, and construction work on shore was in progress. The entrance was marked by small white buoys on a long string leaving a very narrow opening. We did not get as far as the entrance proper before touching bottom, we draw 2.2 meters. Someone came out and gestured that the depth should be 2.5 meters in the marina. It is not clear what the maximum size is that this small harbour can handle, and there appeared to be only 4 or 5 sailboat tied up.

We had difficulty communicating with marina personnel, and with some effort the port captain in Sulina was able to reach Mr. Daniel Mocanu at 0721 087 327. E-mails to [email protected] were not answered.


Position 43°48.389N, 28°35.212E.

This port lies on the Black Sea just 4 NM north of the border with Bulgaria. It is safe in all weather conditions and winds from all directions. Depths are 3.5 meters or greater.

This might be the safest location in Romania to leave your boat if wishing to explore inland.


Officials will visit the yacht for clearance formalities. Contact them on VHF CH 16. Proceed to the inner harbour in this large well buoyed commercial port used for ship building. Border police and customs/immigration should be waiting on one of the pontoons. If not, they are located in a white metal container/office across from the southerly pontoon.


The inner harbour has now been converted to a marina with new floating concrete pontoons equipped with fingers to tie up to. The border police and custom officials were waiting on the dock and directed us to an empty finger and assisted with docking and the lines. The pontoons are gated and according to the officials locked at night and guarded. A friendly Harbour Master will visit at some point, docking fees seem negotiable. Water and electricity is available, as is free wifi. There are no other facilities at the moment.

The entire waterfront is being renovated and is in an advanced state of completion. According to the harbour master there are plans to construct a proper office with showers and toilet facilities, with construction to start in the fall of 2011.

Just north of the marina are sandy beaches with many hotels lining the waterfront, the town is uninspiring but offers fresh fruit and produce markets and all other retail outlets and restaurants and bars associated with beach front holiday resorts. Mangalia is well connected with train and bus service as well as car rentals.

Marina manager: Claudiu Terciu, phone 40 241 751 980 cell 40 748 148 801 or 40 753 060 628, fax 40 241 752 297, e-mail [email protected] website:

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