Report On Palau

Published 17 years ago, updated 5 years ago

A couple of yachts came through Palau recently, and they went ashore at night before doing the formalities. I know at least one crew member was recognized when they did clear in by an official who saw them out and about.

A key group of people in Palau have made considerable efforts to help make yachties more welcome there. Please ask yachts to return the favor and hold off going to shore (or anchoring out of the harbor) until they go through the clearance routine.

Couple side notes – in the main port harbor do not anchor to the north of the northern port wall. The Rangers (water police) say there is a giant clam population there. If one looks at their charts they’ll see a 30ish foot deep hump near the n/ne corner of the port wall (south of two old anchored tugs). This is a good spot to drop the hook as it’s around 50-70 feet deep elsewhere. Usually, it’s ok to tie up to the port wall if there’s room, but I’d suggest asking Port Control on 16 first.

The most convenient spot to anchor is near Sam’s Dive Tours. See They are very yacht-friendly and the local yacht club is based out of here.


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