Report From Bonaire

A general report covering pet vaccinations, cruising guides and provisioning.

Published 5 years ago


Although our dog has updated vaccines and health certificates, neither Customs nor Immigration asked whether we were traveling with a pet when we signed in.

Cruising Guide

Also worth noting, the ABC Guide is out of print and no one is sure when (or if) another edition will be available anytime soon. Noonsite was our only resource! Some used copies are available on Amazon if you are lucky enough to be in the US before your sail down.


There are three well-stocked supermarkets on the island.

Cultimara (located in downtown Kralendijk) is walking distance from Karel’s Bar and dinghy dock. They receive fresh produce near the end of the week.

The Warehouse (located on the way to the airport from town) is the largest supermarkets on Bonaire. They told me they receive fresh produce on Thursdays (you may want to call them to confirm 717-8700).

The third market is across the street from Warehouse. Also, near the Town Pier, you’ll usually find that Venezuelan produce merchants have set up shop in a covered pavilion, and you can usually find the freshest product here – literally right off the boat (and before that, the farm).

Thanks to Veronique for this information

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