Reality of Cruising in The Netherlands

Published 14 years ago, updated 4 years ago

We are in the Delta region of Holland for a couple of months and would note the following points:-

(1) Shengenginen forms are not available. The HM in Middleburg was told by customs not to bother any more. The reason was there is no point in trying to stop drugs coming in!

(2) ATIS is also being ignored, some dutch boats have it, lots do not (as one can tell by the noise at the end of a transmission). Also, we noticed on the trip out that those Dutch boats who do have ATIS radios are using them in British waters which I thought was illegal. We have only used the radio once in 5 weeks so far and often turn it off because of the chatter on all channels, including 16.

(3) Holding tanks etc. The rules are being ignored to a large extent. Pump out stations are still difficult to get to and some do not work. Bruinesse failed to pump even sea water. In the Gevelingen meer, the toilets on the islands are used by about 50% of people. At least many of the pump outs are free now.

Our thanks to John Webb for this report.

Note from The Noonsite Team (for those who may not understand paragraph 2 above)

Are you sailing through inland waterways in Europe this year? If so, you may need an ATIS capable VHF radio with a valid ATIS code.

ATIS, (not to be confused with AIS), stands for Automatic Transmitter Identification System. This system is used on inland waterways in various countries in mainland Europe. At the end of every transmission the radio sends out a unique FFSK data signal, which contains the user or ship’s unique ATIS call sign, this identifies you to marine coast stations and inland stations.

See Noonsite’s European Union page for more details.

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