Rabat, Bouregreg Marina Update

Published 14 years ago, updated 6 years ago

The straightforward entrance of the river Bou Regreg, watch out for sand reefs on port side if strong tides going in. No problems with depth.

Friendly marina with a fair standard. Nice welcoming on the pontoon after escort in by the harbour personnel. About two hours of paperwork with different authorities and after that a quick sniff of a dog on board looking for things we did not have.

Shouldn’t say that the marina internet connection is working OK with today standards. Log in and thrown out, no multiple logins on one account (ie. one computer only on board if no own WiFi) but a few “open” nets of better quality nearby. If a need for a reliable and faster connection we advice going to the train station in Rabat city with nice areas for air-cooled relaxing and surfing/working.

Bouregreg Marina tariff 2010:

11-13 m: 267 MAD (about 24 EUR) high season (mid-June– mid-Sep), less than half that price in low season. One month for the same boat length is during high season 4650 MAD.

Ramadan started 11th of August this year and 2011 it starts 1st of August. Last for 29-30 days and might be good to know about if you like dining out during the daytime.

Andreas Viltfjäll

SY Nemo of Sweden

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