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I see that Jimmy Cornell says that January is generally ok to cross the Tasman in either direction. We are in Bundaberg, in a 28 footer, and considering crossing over to NZ.

Can the January window be extended and if so, for how long? How does going to Wellington (or Nelson) compare with going over the N to Opua?

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Dear Mary,

Jimmy Cornell does in fact (in his latest edition of World Cruising Routes) recommend May to June, or October to November, as suitable times to cross from Queensland to NZ. In April/May the danger of cyclones are acceptably low, the weather is not yet cold and the SE trade winds have not reached their mid-winter strength. The passage can be just as pleasant at the end of the winter, in late October or early November, when SW gales are also less frequent.

JC recommends a route around the North Cape of NZ, heading for Opua in the Bay of Islands or Whangarei.

We strongly recommend you buy his latest edition for further details.

Michael Mitchell, SV Constant Bay, adds

I did Brisbane to Opua in 2005, late December.

The crossing was benign and had some magic moments. I would recommend going into Opua also and don’t bother to try to make Easting too soon as when you get below Lord Howe, you may pick up some Westerlies which should blow you right around North Cape. Be sure to e-mail customs N before you go.

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