Puerto Rico, Vieques Esperanza: Theft of Outboard – April 2019

Apr 12, 2019

Determined theft of an outboard which was locked to the dinghy (also locked) from the Esperanza community dock.

Published 4 years ago, updated 3 years ago

As reported by CSSN

DATE: 2019-04-04 20:00
Country Name: Puerto Rico
Location Detail: Vieques Esperanza
EVENT: Theft
Stolen Items: 20 HP Suzuki outboard


Owners returned to their locked dinghy at the Esperanza community dock and found that 20HP engine (also locked to the dinghy) had been cut from the transom, while at the dock. The locked dinghy remained, but thieves had sawed through the clamping bolts and stole the engine. A police report was made.

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