Puerto Rico, Spanish Virgin Islands, Vieques: Dinghy & Outboard Thefts – 2017

Published 6 years ago, updated 4 years ago

Puerto Rico, Spanish Virgin Islands, Vieques, Isabel Segunda: Outboard Theft – April 2017

As reported by the CSSN [Broken Link].

DATE: 2017-04-08 19:30

Country Name: Puerto Rico

Location Detail: Vieques Isabel Segunda

EVENT: Theft


Stolen Items: 15hp Yamaha Outboard



Between 6-8 PM while the owners were on board, a yacht moored in Isabel Segunda had the cable/locks to their in-the-water and locked 10 ft. RIB/15 HP Yamaha outboard cut and the outboard was stolen. The owners did not hear any disturbance and made a report to the police the next morning, but were refused a copy of the written report.

CSSN NOTE: This is the sixth report of theft from Vieques in 2017, and the first this year from Isabel Segunda. The thieves operating in Vieques are well prepared and seem beyond the interest or reach of authorities there. If you choose to visit Vieques, best practices are called for, LIFT and LOCK (securely) dinghies when not in use.

Puerto Rico, Spanish Virgin Islands, Vieques, Esperanza: Dinghy Theft – January 2017

As reported by the CSSN. [Broken Link]

DATE: 2017-01-27 20:00

Country Name: Puerto Rico

Location Detail: Vieques Esperanza

EVENT: Theft

Stolen Items: Dinghy/outboard, dinghy minus outboard later recovered



At approximately 8 PM cruisers returned to the dinghy dock on the old pier in Esperanza, and discovered their dinghy/outboard had been stolen. The dinghy was chained to the dock with 3/8” stainless steel chain and locked with a case-hardened lock, the outboard engine was similarly chained and locked to the dinghy.

The dinghy minus the outboard was found just off the beach to the east of the dock with both chains and one of the locks cut with a bolt cutter.

A police report was made and victims were informed by the local police that this was the 4th motor theft this week.

The owners indicate the police took little interest in assessing the situation – writing down little, looking at the dinghy or the area where it was left and they took no photos. The owners believe that well-prepared thieves with large bolt cutters are actively operating in the area and advise extra precautions.

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  1. March 15, 2019 at 5:28 AM
    Data Entry3 says:

    From CSSN – 24th January 2017
    The 3rd reported an incident at this location in the last month.
    The dinghy was securely chained and locked to the pier while the crew was ashore. One of the lifejackets was found next to the ramp adjacent to the pier. The well-tooled thieves apparently used a trailer to remove the dinghy after cutting the chain. A report was made to the police, who were described as indifferent to this continuing problem.