Positive Views On The Northern Marianas

Published 16 years ago, updated 4 years ago

Noonsite has recently received comments that we have not portrayed the Northern Marianas in a very positive light: therefore we have decided to publish some of these comments below:

The Mariana Islands does not have typhoons year round. They do have a wet and dry season, but typhoons usually come in the late months of November & December-early months of the new year. However, there may be typhoons, but it’s not an everyday thing. The islands of Tinian and Rota are great as well, you can fly and go sail fishing if you want to. Tinian of all the Northern Mariana Islands is the one-stop destination for great historic backgrounds of WW2 & of the ancient Chamorro latte stones. It’s the only island with a Casino located in the Tinian Dynasty. Rota is the island of great views and local hospitality. You can see their popular site, Wedding Cake Mountain. The locals of both islands are friendly and kind. On the island of Saipan, the capital of CNMI has great events and activities held. XTERRA Saipan and numerous sporting events take place there because of its beautiful landscapes and views. Fresh fish are sold almost on a daily basis by Beach Road. Saipan was the destination of the recent Micronesian Games, a huge event for local and neighbouring islands athletes. Come by and visit the islands!!!


You did not note that last year 14 U.S. Navy vessels, including nuclear submarines, visited the CNMI and consistently vote or recommend to their commanders to come here instead of Guam. The people are very pro-military, friendly, honest, few if any rip-off joints, and the locals give navy pedestrians rides as well as invite them to participate in local activities.

We average 1 or 2 typhoons a year, and have not had a significant typhoon for the last 5 years. The island is well prepared for these, as is the harbor. There has never been a fatality in the 35 years I have lived here as a result of a typhoon. There are numerous activities and hotels from luxurious to very inexpensive. Also, you should note that military personnel who become intoxicated or unruly, while not committing a violent crime, are most often taken by the police or local residents to the ship and returned safely to the tender mercies of military justice.

I have many more comments such as the fact that Guam is not geographically a part of the CNMI. My intention is to help provide a realistic picture of the CNMI. By the way, we now have five huge Prepositioning Ships here up from none when they were all anchored off Guam. They are nowhere because the crews threatened to quit unless they were stationed off Saipan. Reason? Saipan is a very friendly, inexpensive, and attractive place to visit (same with the sailors on U.S. military ships). We also were visited by six Japanese, Australian and other foreign military ships last year, many based upon word of mouth from other sailors. And finally, we get hundreds, if not thousands, of military couples and families who visit Saipan on vacation from their duty stations in Japan because this is really a very nice place to spend time.

Daniel H. Nielsen

We thank you for having some kind of information about Saipan, Rota, Tinian & the Northern Islands in the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands. There are many points that you have left out about our beautiful islands.

Rota, for instance, is beautiful and not so developed that it still has much of the culture and traditions still intact. Yes, we are of Spanish influence but you failed to mention that we are also influenced by the Germans, U.S. & other Pacific islands. That alone makes us unique.

Please add more about the history, culture & traditions of not only Rota but Guam, Saipan, Tinian and the rest of the chain of islands that we call home.

The Kapun’s

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