Port Sudan 2013

Published 11 years ago, updated 6 years ago

By SY Lavinia, April 2013

Port Sudan is just a commercial port.

There is an anchorage dedicated to small crafts/yachts on the South side once you have entered the inner port – just opposite the container harbour. When I was there only local yachts (4 of them) were anchored there with stern lines to the shore. The anchorage (19°36,6N 037°14,4E) is safe, the bottom has good holding, however it can get windy mainly from the port side so use enough ropes to be tight ashore.

Clearance on entry has to be done with an appointed local agent. Several of them made contact with me on dropping anchor, each with different fees (EUR 50 – 80). The formalities include quarantine (EUR 20), shore pass (no charge), entry visa (EUR 15/person), port dues (EUR 8/day), customs (EUR 25).

It is a busy place in the evenings, an attractive “get-together” spot for the locals.

Generally I felt safe here, although there are security guards on shore permanently. Shore passes are inspected.

Reasonable provisions are available walking distance from the port; various small supermarkets. The vegetable/fruit market (large one) is some 2-3 km SW – return fare with a tuk-tuk three-wheeler is around USD 4. Local produce is cheap.

Money changers´ exchange differs by 10% from the bank rate, also they are open on holidays unlike, the banks.

All the people I met were friendly, ready to offer their help if needed.

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Port Sudan


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