Perfect Anchorage – Motu Murimahora, Huahine, French Polynesia

Published 9 years ago, updated 5 years ago

We’ve just spent four nights at a great anchorage just off Motu Murimahora on the east coast of Huahine.  There’s a very big sandy area, which is totally clear of coral heads at 16˚45.80S 150˚57.60W, with depths of 3 to 4 metres.  A current constantly flows from south to north, so the water is crystal clear and the colours are stunning. While we were there, a trough went through the area and even though we had 20+ knot north winds, the anchorage never had any more than a 1-foot chop.

The motu is 1½ miles long and is pretty with palm trees.  A guy called Paul lives on the Motu just next to the anchorage (at 16˚45.77S 150˚57.47W ), who is very friendly and will probably paddle out to you. When we arrived, he came out and gave us a present of some coconuts.  Paul is totally deaf and can’t speak, but we soon had him on board and began to make ourselves understood by sign language and drawing pictures.  He’s a lovely bloke, always smiling and we had a great few days with him.

Paul has lived on the motu for all of his life and remained to look after the family property when the rest of the family moved ashore onto the main island looking for work, so he lives a bit of an isolated life and really welcomes visitors. He showed us his land, which is a well-maintained coconut grove that stretches across the narrow motu, so we had access to the nice windward beach to do some shell collecting. Paul has a good piped fresh water supply and is happy for you to fill up your water tanks.

There are no stores nearby, so make sure you’ve enough food…

There’s a lot of good snorkeling around the area, although the current is very strong south of the anchorage near the main channel between the main island and the motu.  We did a fun drift-snorkel one day by heading south for ½ mile then drifting with the dinghy back to the anchorage.  The snorkeling on the coral heads just to the north of the anchorage is great with only a slight current and has a good assortment of fish.

There’s a nice hike up Mount Pohue Rahi, which you can see from the anchorage.  It ascends through a pine forest and takes about three hours up and down.  From the village dock, turn left and walk 500 metres down the road to the last house on the right where you’ll find a dirt track leading up the side of the house.  Just follow it … and continue up the overgrown path past the small building to the peak… Paul can tell you more (and might even come with you), or see our article on the hike at

Tell Paul that Alba sent you.  Lots of cruisers have put photographs onto Paul’s laptop computer, which he’ll no doubt proudly show you – point us out and he’ll be very happy. He gave us a gift of fish which we cooked for him on our boat for lunch. We had fun in his outrigger canoe and he showered us with even more gifts, so we left with an embarrassment of coconuts, papaya and shells.

A great place.

Neville Howarth

Yacht Alba

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