Panama, Shelter Bay Marina: Boatyard Manager Vacancy

Communication skills in both English and Spanish necessary as well as an understanding of Panamanian culture.

Published 11 years ago, updated 5 years ago

Dave Jerling, the current boatyard manager at Shelter Bay, will be sailing away in September returning to South Africa with his wife Glynn. The Marina is, therefore, looking for someone to replace him.

This position requires someone who can communicate in both Spanish and English and is very knowledgeable in boat repairs. It should be someone who understands the culture and will be comfortable living in Panama.

Alternatively, the Marina will consider a boat repair firm that is interested in operating the boatyard as a concession. One of the key qualifications for such a firm is a management structure which has the cultural and language skills outlined above.

Carlos Valencia of Shelter Bay Marina comments; “We know from experience that it is essential that however, we organize the business the person leading the operation must be bilingual and attuned to cultural and social norms”.

To find out more details contact Carlos Valencia at [email protected]

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