Panama, San Blas, East Lemon Cays: Burglary – July 2015

Published 8 years ago, updated 4 years ago

As reported by CSSN. [Broken Link]

DATE: 2015-07-27 02:00

Country Name: Panama

Location Detail: San Blas – East Lemon Cays

EVENT: Burglary

Stolen Items: Three solar panels, binoculars, Wi-Fi router, guitar, tools (set of pliers), kitchen-tools, butane-gas tank


DETAILS: My boat was burgled in the East Lemon cays, Yansalardup-anchorage. The boat was on the anchor, while I was away for some days. The boat was locked, three other sailing-boats were anchored nearby and did take care of my boat (watching it during the daytime, opening hatches every couple of days, checking bilge, etc…). Burglars came in the night, broke into my boat by forcing the door open and stole mentioned things.

Same burglars stole two days later a dinghy with an outboard in the West Lemon cays from an American flagged vessel and got caught another two days later.

Police found the stolen dinghy on their island. They also found my stolen solar panels. I also got some of my other stolen stuff back after some weeks with the help of a Kuna who convinced the thieves to give back the stolen items to reduce the penalty for them.

A report was made at the police station.

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