Panama, Bocas del Toro: Attempted Nightime Theft

An intruder was chased off a yacht anchored at Bocas del Toro when he attempted to gain entry in the early hours of the morning.

Published 2 years ago

As reported by CSSN.

DATE:  2021-06-02 04:00

LOCATION: Panama – Bocas del Toro
EVENT: Theft
STOLEN ITEMS: Unsuccessful, nothing taken
SECURED: Not Locked


A catamaran anchored off Red Frog marina was boarded at 0400 by a lone male while the owners slept onboard. They were awakened when the person was trying to open the closed hatch right above their heads in the master cabin. They began yelling and chased the unwanted person off the yacht. He boarded a wooden canoe and paddled off towards shore.

They noticed his footprints in the morning dew. He had apparently tried other hatches, which were all locked. Nothing appeared to be missing from the deck. A report was made on the local VHF net.


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