Palawan: Good Engine Overhaul in Puerto Princesa

Published 10 years ago, updated 5 years ago

We are currently based in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines, and had to be away from our yacht Chasamba for more than a year. When we finally returned, our engine had seized up and had to be overhauled, not an easy job since there is no way to come alongside here.

We dismantled the engine and took it bit by bit to a local machine shop, Hammerhead, or Silvia as he is also known.

Our experience was extremely positive; Hammerhead took charge of the whole overhaul, brought mechanics, made sure we didn’t pay inflated prices for parts, helped with various problems which arose during the overhaul. We ordered parts from abroad, and these were delivered within 10 days to the Abanico Yacht Club.

In the end, we paid a very reasonable price (see our blog for details) and even had a free lorry ride to the Yacht Club with Hammerhead’s workers to help us unload the engine there! We felt happy leaving the engine and parts in his shop at night and enjoyed working there with the mechanics. Altogether we can recommend this machine shop to yachties in the area.

Hammerhead’s machine shop is on the road leading to the New Market, and the sign outside says ‘Silvia’. The Yacht Club can help find a tricycle driver who knows the place.

Oren Mosenzon and Lesley Nachum

S/V Chasamba

This is a clip I uploaded to YouTube showing how we got our engine back on board.

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