Cruising Reports

INSIGHTS: How to Save Energy when Cooking Onboard

Date Published - September 07, 2021

When at sea on long passages, far from everyone and everything, being frugal with water, food and energy is vital. It ensures that there is enough for the duration of the trip. Rekka Bell and partner circumnavigated the Pacific over the last 5 years, living off-grid. In this edition of… Read More

Last Update - September 07, 2021

How Easy is Cruising the Caribbean during Covid-19?

Date Published - September 02, 2021

Larry Tyler has just arrived in Trinidad after sailing from Martinque. He sent this update on his experiences at various places in the Leeward Islands and what he knows about what’s happening and where at other places in the Caribbean due to the COVID-19 pandemic…. Read More

Last Update - August 31, 2021

Greece: Update from Evia after the Fires

Date Published - August 30, 2021

While the northern part of the Greek island of Evia was devastated by fire in July, cruisers have reported that all anchorages and services are fine and open for business as usual…. Read More

Last Update - August 30, 2021

Tahiti: Coping with an Emergency in Paradise

Date Published - August 17, 2021

After 20 years of cruising full-time, Australians David Frost and Kris Adams of SY Taipan experienced every cruiser’s nightmare. An unexpected medical emergency in Tahiti saw them putting their emergency evacuation insurance to use but left them seriously out of pocket. Combined with the Covid-19 restrictions in French Polynesia they… Read More

Last Update - August 17, 2021

Australia: The Bureaucratic Red-Tape of Re-Importing a Boat

Date Published - August 16, 2021

Gemma Ross and her husband Andi recently returned to Australia on their catamaran SV Paws after being separated from their floating home in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They made a mad dash to get back to her in Indonesia when they were allowed so they could return… Read More

Last Update - August 06, 2021

INSIGHTS: Checking the Checklist

Date Published - August 09, 2021

There is nothing worse than being miles from anywhere on a boat and realizing you have forgotten something. Especially if it is something simple but critical – such as toilet paper. New Zealand sailor and regular Noonsite contributor Viki Moore passes on her experience in creating that “All-Important Checklist”…. Read More

Last Update - July 27, 2021

Mediterranean: The Migrant Crisis – Tragedy and Treachery

Date Published - July 26, 2021

As Guy Taylor and his wife Rhonda neared the end of their time sailing in the Western Med, they encountered the harsh reality of the plight of desperate migrants trying to cross from Africa to Europe. Here Guy reports on their experience off Southern Spain and offers some timely… Read More

Last Update - July 27, 2021

UK: Navigating the COVID-19 Traffic Light System

Date Published - July 26, 2021

Sailing back to the UK from Portugal in June was straightforward for Guy and Rhonda Taylor on board Saving Grace II – that is until they arrived home in the UK. The real challenge was navigating the bureacracy of the COVID-19 traffic light system!… Read More

Last Update - July 20, 2021

INSIGHTS: Coral Gardening Gives Reefs a Helping Hand

Date Published - July 05, 2021

Dutch cruisers Floris and Ivar have sailed thousands of nautical miles around the world, investigating local sustainability projects in countries they visit. In French Polynesia they were in awe of the beauty of the coral reefs they saw there. Unfortunately these important ecosystems are under threat but… Read More

Last Update - July 05, 2021