Our Experience of Guyana

Published 14 years ago, updated 5 years ago

We recently sailed very briefly into Guyana up the Demerera river. It was a brief visit (we left in under 5 hours for Tobago) as we found it to be horribly insecure. There is nowhere at all to tie up in the Demerera river. We asked the Navy who declined but sent us to the customs dock which is ill-equipped to deal with pleasure boats (very high very rusty floating dock, right next to Georgetown’s main market, no security at all).

An agent jumped onto our boat uninvited and proceeded to ask us for 500 USD to clear in and out in 24 hours. We were told by everyone (Navy, customs, agent, dockhands) not to leave our boat unattended (even at anchor) and to expect theft.

Not hugely enticing so we left … and in stark contrast to lovely Surinam next door.

Received from Julie.

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