North of PNG, Ninigo Atoll: Mal Island is the Icing on the Cake

The Island groups north of PNG (the Feni Islands, the Tabas Islands, the Hermit Islands, and the Ninigo Islands) are not to be missed if cruising between NZ and the Philippines.

Published 10 years ago, updated 4 years ago

Ninigo Islands, Mal Island

We recently sailed from New Zealand to the Philippines. Part of this trip took us over the top of New Island, PNG, stopping at the Feni Islands, the Tabas Islands, the Hermit Islands and the icing on the cake, the Ninigo Islands.

Thank you to the yachties who took time to write good reports for Mal Island in the Ninigo Group. We anchored near the village on Mal and received the warmest welcome ever. These people who see very few yachts were so pleased to share their home and what they had with us, our only regret was that we couldn’t stay longer.

At all these islands we visited, at no time did we feel threatened or harassed, most of these people are living in a traditional way and all the anchorages were safe and secure. I highly recommend if you have time, then please visit Mal Island. After 6 months of cruising, this was the best place we visited and that says a lot as we were well treated everywhere we went in all countries.

Brian Tennant

SY Stella (New Zealand)

Other positive reports from cruisers who have visited Mal Island, Ninigo Group in the last 2 years.

Report by Yacht Muggerl

Report by Yacht Anui

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