North Coast: Entering the Bay of Falmouth

Only accessible for yachts with a draft less than 1m.

Published 11 years ago, updated 5 years ago

We wanted to inform other cruisers about the entrance of the Bay of Falmouth, on the north coast of Jamaica.


This bay is only accessible for yachts with a draft less than 1m.


The buoys in the access channel are in contrast to what is shown on the electronic charts red on starboard and green on port. Because the entrance can be a bit rough it is important to keep well in the middle of the channel, out of the breakers. You can anchor in the bay in good holding mud.

In the far end of the bay is a jetty (and a restaurant) where you can leave your dinghy once you plowed your way through the mud….From there you can take a route taxi to the pretty little town of Falmouth.

Reinhilde van der Kroef & Frits du Bois

SY Bella Ciao

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