North Atlantic in November

Published 15 years ago, updated 4 years ago

I have little choice on timing my way out of the Great Lakes and November appears to be best for me. I have been told that it is not so bad sailing off the St. Lawrence river and around Gaspe peninsula, heading South to Bermuda and the Gulf. No plans to stop in USA coastal areas. I appreciate any information and advice.

November in the North Atlantic can be quite rough, so I could not really advise you to wait until so late to start your passage south. Do you have to do it as late as that?

What kind of boat to you have?

Jimmy Cornell, noonsite

Thanks for your reply, my boat is a 30 ft steel sailboat with fin keel. I built it myself. I have an unfinished website with some pictures if you like to have a look : [BROKEN LINK]

I plan to go out of the St. Lawrence River to avoid expensive unforeseen fees on the New York canals or the Mississippi. I am located at the bottom of Lake Huron. Reason for that time is hurricane season. In spring I may not be able to leave my place before Early June because of cold weather (Ice ??? facilities not ready).

Looks like I may not be able to make it this year so next year any time will be fine…. Any suggestions ? Maybe June/July I may skip the Hurricanes? I also try not to land in USA … Guns/Laws and some eager custom official make me feel a little uncomfortable (I live across the border). I would like to go off the river and fast to the Caribbean.

I am not sure about your plan to sail directly to the Caribbean at the start of the hurricane season (June or July) so you must bear this in mind when you plan your trip south.

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