Nicaragua, Offshore: Catamaran on Passage Approached by Suspicious Boats

A catamaran on passage from Honduras to Colombia was harassed by several boats over a five hour period when approaching the Edinburgh Channel off the coast of Nicaragua.

Published 1 year ago


DATE: 2021-10-30 0:00
LOCATION: Nicaragua – Offshore
EVENT: Suspicious Activity


A catamaran with 3 persons onboard departed Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras, for Isla San Andreas, Colombia. At 0550 hours at position 14-45.8N 082-43.6W, approximately 35 miles off the Nicaraguan coast approaching the Edinburgh channel, they were approached by an open boat with 5 men onboard who began shouting for them to stop, coming as close as 75 meters, no weapons were displayed. The crew presented a show of force and the boat slowed and tracked the yacht but then departed as a squall reduced visibility.

At approximately 0800 at position 14-45.8N 082-43.6W the same skiff with 5 men returned at high speed with the bimini top removed and 2 of the men standing on the bow. They came within 25 meters of the yacht in rough seas holding a dead lobster. The crew presented a stronger show of force and aggressively shouted to get away while throttling up to 11 knots and making evasive maneuvers. After about 20 minutes the boat gave up and departed.

At 0945 hours, now 50 nautical miles offshore, (N14-31.4N 082-26.3W) two different skiffs containing 11 men approached at high speed from port with one moving to approach from the stern. The yacht resumed evasive maneuvers and again presented a show of force. The 2 skiffs regrouped about 100 meters behind and tracked for 30 minutes before disappearing.

The yacht continued to San Andres without further incident. A report was made to the Port Captain and the Colombian Coast Guard. A report to the home country consulate was planned.

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  1. November 29, 2021 at 2:05 AM
    magee says:

    I had the very same experience on a passage in the opposite direction. The gentleman who approached us in pangas turned out to be fisherman not having a particularly good spell on their offshore tour and clearly considering other forms of income revenue such as amateur piracy, theft and extortion.
    As charming as the corner of Honduras Nicaragua is it’s best to keep moving and remove radar detectors and maintain no lights no radio for this crucial rounding