New Charts for Yachts by the Turkish Hydrographic Office

Published 17 years ago, updated 4 years ago

The SHOD (Turkish Department for Navigation, Hydrography, and Oceanography) has just published their first two yacht folios. Folio 3001 covers the Bodrum Marmaris area and Folio 3002 adjoins until Finike. Both main charts are 1/300.000, however, some of the creeks plans on the 10 resp. 11 sheets are as detailed as 1/5.000. 3001 has 11, 3002 10 detail charts and plans. Each folio can be purchased through the SHOD agents for fixed YTL 88.00, being Euro 44 approx. The SHOD plans at first to cover the coastline up Ayvalik with further three folios.

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All SHOD products can be ordered through our chandlery, as well.

Yusuf Civelekoglu


Cumhuriyet Bulvarı 29a, 48960 Turgutreis/Bodrum, Turkey

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