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Published 16 years ago, updated 4 years ago

I found more information on the issue of extra charges applicable to visiting yachts. The charges appear to be mandated by law and fairly moderate if applied correctly. However, applying the law correctly seems to be a very complicated procedure and a major source of problems.

Also, the question remains why Marina del Atlantico in Tenerife is the only marina actually ever charging this fee.

The law does – in theory – apply to the whole of Spain and every marina. Boats are supposed to pay 4 Euro per square meter (length x width) of boat per year, supposedly regulated by Ley de Puertos del Estado y de la Marina Mercante Artículo 30. Tasa por Servicio de señalización marítima

The fee is supposed to be charged in the following way:

  • 20% of the yearly rate upon first entry in a Spanish harbour, this is supposed to cover the next 10 days.
  • after 10 days another %20 which covers the next 10 days
  • after 50 days you have paid the rate for the whole year and are not supposed to be charged anymore.

That is the theory. In practice the following points apply:

  • 95% or more marinas do not charge the extra fees. In fact after meeting many crews that were cruising Spain for many months S.Cruz de Tenerife Marina del Atlantico is the only one that is known to charge that fee. Nearby Darsena Pesquera does not, making it 3 times cheaper for an overnight stay.
  • skippers should very carefully collect receipts for taxes they have already paid to avoid paying the same fee twice. Otherwise the fee can be very hefty.
  • best to ask beforehand if they charge lighthouse taxes and avoid whenever possible.

Richard Zidlicky

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