Mexico, Mazatlan, Stone Island: Boarded & Robbed at Night – January 2016

Published 8 years ago, updated 5 years ago

We fell victim to the infamous thieves of Stone Island, Mazatlan.

At 0130 on 29 January 2016, whilst we were asleep, we were boarded and robbed of our dinghy outboard, two SUP’s and a bicycle.

We were anchored at least 200m offshore in the bay behind Stone Island. Two yachts had departed that day so we were alone.

The outboard was on a bracket and padlocked through a cable – that was cut.

The SUP’s were on the foredeck and lashed, not locked. The bicycle was alongside the outboard and not locked either.

The boat was not broken into. They operated quietly and stealthily. We woke up to the sound of their outboard gunning it away from our yacht.

A report was put in with the police as well as a reward notice but to no avail.

Rijnhard Keet

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