Marina Trinidad, Casilda, Cuba – update April 2014

Published 9 years ago, updated 4 years ago

The new cruising guide to CUBA by Cheryl Barr (2013) has the following information about the Marina Trinidad in Cuba. My comments and updates relating to that information follow [in bold/italic].

“…. there are 20 slips but only 6 are available to transient yachts – charter catamarans occupy all remaining space”. —– There are no charter catamarans or charter companies. During our 7 days in March and 3 days in April 2014, there were always free slips [mostly 6-7, on 2 days 13 free slips] and the anchorage in the lagoon was empty, except for one vessel on 2 days.

“Vessels no longer than 12.8m (42 ft) can take a mooring inside the lagoon for $22 CUC/day. …. The price for the mooring or for dockage is the same.” — Since at least 2008 until now: the prices have not changed and are as follows: DOCKAGE: monohull: 0.45 CUC/ft/day; catamaran: 0.55 CUC/ft/day; water/day of use: 3 CUC [good water] ; Electricity: 1.50 CUC/day; Anchoring: 10 CUC /day. There are only 3, over 10 year old, moorings [not to be trusted].

“The marina has a fuel dock with diesel and gas” — no fuel dock in 2014 – planned for next years…

“The marina is nearly 16km … from Trinidad. Taxi fare will cost about $15CUC one-way, but this can be negotiated a little.” —- Official taxi costs 8 CUC, particular (private) 5-6CUC. — TIP: the workers’ bus leaves the marina at about 8 am and costs 1CUC/person.

“ To access the marina maintain a position in the ship channel as far buoy No.17……” — A shorter route is to stay in the ship channel until beacon No. 25 and continue with 300T to an approximate position of 21 44.63N, 79 59.56W. Then head with about 240T over the shallower water [on the chart less than 2m, but more than 1.7m]. Once across the shallower water head with about 133T to the entrance red beacon No.2, leave about 10m to port. Around that beacon, it’s the most shallow [about 1.7m]. Then do not head straight for the next green buoy but on a course about 10 degrees more to starboard [head for highest bush in the mangroves] and then curve around to the green mark and leave about 5m to port. [I have made this entrance this way over 10 times].

“Casilda is the commercial/fishing port for Trinidad. It is a scruffy, uninteresting place and most cruisers feel that it is a logistical hassle going to the marina in order to visit Trinidad. For this reason, we recommend visiting Trinidad by car from Cienfuegos.” — Here’s my opinion: Casilda port is off limits for cruisers, hence it does not matter if it’s scruffy. There is no hassle to go to the marina – except with a draft of more than 1.7m (5.5 ft). There are 2 floating docks in the marina [the western one is newer and has better electricity and water connections]. The lagoon is well protected in all wind directions – in contrast, Cienfuegos has a huge harbour and in a Northwestern (cold front) the concrete docks of the marina are exposed to waves from a big fetch. I would rather feel safer to leave my boat in marina Trinidad while making a land trip – also it’s easier to get a slip. Furthermore, there are more attractions in and around the colonial city of Trinidad than Cienfuegos. Hence, it’s worth staying in the Marina Trinidad for several days.


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  1. November 21, 2016 at 7:15 AM
    Data Entry3 says:

    Marina Trinidad docking charges have not changed since 2014 [unlike marina hemmingway]. the front part of the floating dock was torn off by a storm. still no fuel dock.

  2. February 17, 2016 at 9:14 AM
    Data Entry3 says:

    No problems leaving 43′ cat there. See report. Email is sporadic. Try to call within Cuba to make a booking. Or just go there and anchor until you get dock space.
    Krgds Ulrich

  3. February 15, 2016 at 6:13 PM
    Data Entry3 says:

    I am very thrilled by your comments about Trinidad marina. Is it reasonable to leave my boat (43′ catamaran) with the marina for a week or two to travel inland? Do you have a contact email for the marina?
    Thanks so much!