Marina Agadir: Feedback from Cruisers

Published 9 years ago, updated 6 years ago

Posted November 2015 by SV Proteus:

Only half the docks in the marina have power and water. That being said, the staff are very pleasant and seem to be actively busy with the marina. Broken things are trying to be fixed. We were here for a series of offshore storms and, though the marina is relatively protected, it was a bit rolly. It was so rolly in fact that we had a line literally break, first time ever. The staff were on hand at all times and were checking the boats during the worst of the blow.

The water fittings are an odd size and female, rather than the male spigots typical everywhere else. It is the same fittings as Las Palmas (Canaries).

Security guards are very present, even at night. But the gate/fence to the pontoons is short and only “locked” in theory. Still, I’d say security here was more than adequate and I would have no qualms about leaving my boat for an overnight trip inland.

The check-out procedure takes a long time here, and through the customs/immigration say it is 24 hours, it isn’t. It is only possible to find someone during daylight hours. We also wanted to leave at dawn, so we went to get our passports stamped out the previous night, but they would not do it for the next day. They made us wait until morning, then we didn’t leave until about 10 am because there was nobody there until the harbourmaster showed up. He was very helpful though, and quite annoyed by the authorities being so difficult.

After travelling through Morocco and seeing many of the ports and marinas, only Agadir and Marina Smir have marinas comparable to European standards.

Posted May 2010 by SY Roakeldais

Marina Agadir has changed management. To be more competitive the new management has reduced the prices significantly, as shown below.

The new website of the marina is still under construction, but the port manager, Samir Benjelloun, can be contacted by phone (+)212 528828686, mobile (+)212661215746 and on VHF channel 9. The new website will be and e-mail address [email protected].


All pontoons are equipped with water and electricity. There are showers and toilets ashore and the marina has WIFI. Due to the February/March storms, there is no electricity on the easterly pontoon. There is a 24-hour guardian from the Marina Agadir Resort.

The marina staff are very friendly and helpful, but are only available from 08.00 till 18.00, from Monday to Saturday.

Customs, immigration and police are on duty 24 hours at the marina and will board the boat as soon you are berthed. But they are friendly, efficient and there’s no other paperwork like elsewhere on the Moroccan coast.


The entrance is straightforward, only at night, the harbour lights (Fl R 6s & Fl G 6s) on the breakwater are difficult to distinguish due to the background lights on shore.

According to the harbormaster, between the easterly pontoon and the quay, there is a depth of 7 dm LAT.

New Prices as of 25-04 2010

Dimensions    Jour   Semaine  Mois   Année                
6 m           75     410      1250   12000                
6 à 7 max     85     460      1430   13600                
8 max         105    570      1770   16800                
9 max         125    690      2140   20300                
10 max        140    770      2380   22400                
12 max        185    1020     3150   28000                
14 max        230    1270     3950   35000                
16 max        265    1460     4550   43000                
18 max        310    1720     5350   51000                
21 max        485    2670     8250   78500                
25 max        540    2970     9150   87000                
30 max        620    3410     10500  99750


Prices are in DHS (10 DHS = 1 EURO)

Otto Nijkamp

s/y Roakeldais

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