Malaysia, Penang: Liferaft Servicing

We have a Viking Liferaft, selected both as a result of their reputation, and for their servicing centres throughout the world.

Published 10 years ago, updated 5 years ago

Having left the UK in 2008, our first service was due in New Zealand in 2011.  We arranged for the liferaft to be shipped from Whangarei and serviced, little did we realise what the cost would be, allegedly because the company’s technicians have to be requalified periodically in the UK, and so this cost is passed on.

Older, wiser and a bit poorer, we moved on, firstly to Fiji where we found the service could have been done at half the cost, but with no certification, and then to Malaysia and Thailand, where our next service became due.

This time we visited the Viking website and found service agents both in Phuket and in Penang, Malaysia.  Having sent emails to both companies, it appeared that Ocean Success in Penang was the clear leader (due to a prompt reply, clarity on the quote, service, and a very reasonable cost).  As it happened this fitted in with collecting a new watermaker membrane at Langkawi.  It just involved a return ferry trip Langkawi – Penang – Langkawi, and two nights in a Penang hotel.

On arrival, we took a taxi to the factory near the airport, and found our 6 man raft looked very puny compared to the massive cruise ship liferafts that were awaiting collection!  We then watched as the liferaft was carefully opened up, the cylinder disconnected and the raft inflated by pressure hose.  The contents were then opened, and we agreed what should be replaced.  We then left them to it, and the next morning at 10.30, as agreed, the liferaft was delivered to our hotel and paid for.

Amazingly efficient, professional and friendly service for a very reasonable price.  Even with the cost of the ferry trips and hotel, we saved a considerable sum of money on the quote from Phuket.  For those of you who might be interested, the contact details are:

Ocean Success (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.

11, Lintang Beringin 1,

Diamond Valley Industrial Park,

11960 Batu Maung,



Tel +604 627 2222

Email: [email protected]

Or access the Viking website

Bob Hazell

SV Pipistrelle

A 2017 report by cruisers who had their liferaft serviced at this service centre in Penang can be read here.

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