Malaga: A visit to Puerto Deportivo Caleta de Velez

Published 10 years ago, updated 5 years ago

Puerto Deportivo Caleta de Velez – Malaga

Time of Visit: November 2013

* Location: Some 20 miles East of Malaga, at the foot of the Sierra Nevada

* Approach: Easy, just follow the fishing-trawlers racing in and out of that harbour which is home to a large fishing fleet.

* If no one answers calling in on Ch.9 VHF just tie up alongside to the T-ends of the piers.

* Very small and crowded and basically all berths taken up by local small craft – but some places for visiting yachts.

* Ample depth even for our 3m draft

* Great rates – at least in winter! We did pay € 20.00/day!

* Standard Electricity-Adapter – no electronic access key cards (you need to ring the guards to open the doors restricting access to the jetties.

* Staff is friendly but pretty much Spanish only.

* Infrastructure: The port is quite in the heart of town so I guess supermarkets and restaurants should be close by. (We did not check, didn’t need anything). Except for the fishing-fleet noise level was OK.

* There is a great nautical supplies shop right behind the harbour. Mostly catering to the fishermen, so they offer a lot of “no-Nonsense” merchandise. Don’t let the size on the outside fool you – its huge on the inside. Proprietors don’t speak any English but do make an effort to understand and help.

* Facilities: One block with Toilets and Showers on the other side of the road next to Marina office.

* No Laundry on site.

* No Wifi – but while in Spain you anyway are better off purchasing one of these prepaid USB sticks from any Spanish phone-provider.

* No access for cars. Access to Marina for the public is restricted.

* There is a boatyard basically geared towards the fishing fleet only.

* There is a “strange” gas station immediately to Port upon entering. Despite there being enough depth even for us and despite the fact that we already were laying alongside ready to accept the lines, they would not sell us any Diesel! Reason given was: Max 15m in length and max 1.50m in draft. No exceptions.

Summary: When approaching Malaga from the E and suddenly the infamous Malaga fog (even in Summer) pulls in, this is a great stop for the night to wait for the fog to clear – great nautical store – noisy, active/hectic and a tad smelly due to the fishing vessels, but cheap and great shelter for one night.

Peter – 786GlobalTour

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