Longan Island, Ninigo Atoll: Very warm welcome for yachts

We had a very nice stay at Longan island in Ninigo group. There is a very negative report about this island on your website so I hope you can post our letter below with our personal experience including a letter from the chairman to invite yachties for their canoe race.

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We spent a total of 6 weeks in Ninigo.

The first 3 weeks we were anchored in front of Longan island. We have had 3 beautiful weeks, with no harassment at all. Although there is no internet in Ninigo, the negative article about Longan has reached the island. The chairman has taken immediate action and cruisers can be sure that there will be no harassment in Ninigo. Even though the problem was only with one local person.

We traded the fresh products from the island, which are all of very good quality. We went fishing and sailing with their canoe, watched the sailing competition together with the locals and helped where possible with their electronic or mechanical problems.

For more information about canoe racing read the letter below from the chairman off the committee, Temal Kolonga.

NW Passage at Logan Island:

01 12.82S 144 16.67E

01 13.32S 144 16.66E

01 13.43S 144 16.73E

01 13 58S 144 16.86E

Anchorage at Longan Island:

Anchor in front of the village (01.13.4S  144.17.9E). In NW season it can be rolly here, so it is better to anchor in 10/15mtr at 01.13.05  144.18.17E. The holding is very good, our anchor dragged only a little in gusts above 43kn, we had strong wind up to 50kn.

Anchorage at northern atoll:

Another nice anchorage in 15/30mtr is at 01.10.23S  144.23.52E. This is on the east side of the channel that splits the northern part of Ninigo. The anchorage is South of the sandbank between the two islands. This channel goes from West to East and is very wide and easy to navigate, even in strong winds.

There is NO boat passage into this northerly atoll, as described in the South East Asia Pilot.

Heina atoll:

Waypoints for entering the atoll:

01.07.897S 144.28.648E  entrance channel

01.07.816S 144.28.765E  mid channel

01.07.816S 144.28.765E  inside channel

01.07.810S 144.28.796E  to Anchorage

01.07.83 S 144.28.82 E  to Anchorage

We had 3.1 mtr at minimum in the passage into Heina atoll.

Total Tide program says at that moment +0.6mtr at Manus island (seeadler harbour).

We met Marie Bennie from Pihon Island, he would like to buy a new or second hand, handheld GPS. Handheld GPS are very expensive in PNG. You can call him if you would like to discuss the price, phone: 2764550.

There is also a great shortage of 2,5 and 3 inch copper or stainless nails for building canoes. If you like to agree on the price before you buy big quantities you can also contact by phone and ask for Gibson.

Hope this information is usefully to plan your trip.

Have a nice and safe voyage.

Ben and Astrid

s/v Gaia




Invitation for our Ninigo Annual traditional Canoe Race.

For interested people who would like to see the Ninigo Traditional Canoe Race, you are very much welcome to visit Ninigo Group of Islands, Papua New Guinea and enjoy our traditional canoe Race.

The fixed date 2014 is 19,20 and 21 August on the third week of August.

The venue will be at Pihon and Amik island.

Visitors will be welcomed by our traditional dancers follow up with refreshment, lunch, and dinner.

The chairman of Ninigo Annual traditional Canoe Race is asking willing people to bring whatever they can to the community as gifts to the participating canoes as their award for the 1ste, 2nd, and 3rd, whatever remaining will be shared as consolation award.

For more information please don’t hesitate to call the chairman off the committee Temal Kolonga by phone no:2764548.

And with that, thank you very much for your understanding.

The Chairman Ninigo Traditional Canoe Race.

Temal Kolonga

c/Pilulu Primary school

P.O Box 83


Mnuas Province


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