Istanbul and the Sea of Marmara

Published 16 years ago, updated 5 years ago

We just spent a month in Istanbul and enjoyed ourselves immensely. We stayed at the Setur Kalamis/Fenerbahce marina for a month and can’t say enough about the wonderful service we received from management and staff. Istanbul is a fascinating city and should be a “must-do” for any cruiser who is in the northern Aegean. There is truly something there for everyone.

The reason for this memo is to inform cruisers who are planning to make the trip through the Sea of Marmara and have European cooking gas bottles, to ensure they have an adequate supply of cooking gas. It is impossible to have non-Turkish bottles refilled or exchanged east of the Aegean. We had no difficulty on the Turkish Aegean coast.

For those venturing east into the Sea of Marmara, we particularly recommend they stop at Karabiga (wonderful medieval fortifications), Port Marmara (with a bus trip to the north island to see the Marble quarries) and Katirli (nice harbor with friendly people).

Jim McMaster

Cahoots II

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