Isolated Palmerston looks forward to visiting yachts

Published 14 years ago, updated 5 years ago

Message from Joseph Marsters, local of Palmerston Atoll, Cook Islands.

Hi there,

I have just read the article by Jack Hunt regarding his different experience at Palmerston Atoll during his visit on March 26th, 2008. Although some of the things outlined by Mr. Hunt might be true, it would be good if Mr. Hunt could identify the person or persons that were involved and treated him the way they did. Not all the Marsters family members do as he has stated.

Being so isolated, we look forward to visiting yachts and ships, simply to get the chance to meet new people, share lunch, stories etc. and help them out in any way we can before they sail off to their next port of call, and most yachties help us out in many ways depending on their field of expertise.

I agree with Mr. Hunt that there might be a couple of people, might even be in the highest ranks of authorities of Palmerston, that do push to the point where exploitation comes to play, but, please don’t condemn the entire Marsters Family of Palmerston Atoll. Regulations and so forth have changed over the last five years and adjusting seems to be a pain in the behind, but it’s happening worldwide.

After all, is said, Palmerston Atoll is still a beautiful place and the highlight of adventurers, as claimed by the many that still visit us. We can guarantee you a good time on Palmerston.

Before yachts arrive (maximum 15nm) Call on VHF C16;



or you can call me ECHO 5 LIMA – Palmerston Radio.

Someone will come out to hook you up mooring/anchor and we will arrange for the officials to check you in, which takes place on your boat.

Palmerston is not an official port of entry, but we have been allowed (by customs & immigration, Cook Islands)to give yachts clearance to stay at Palmerston for a maximum of three days, which comes with the fees that would have cost at a port of entry plus a small fee the local government imposed to help with the development of the island. yachts visiting from Cook Islands ports of entry are welcome to stay for as long as their permit allows them but still have to pay the local government fee.

As we are isolated and a supply boat only comes once every 3-5 months, we would very much appreciate if yachties are able to carry packages (Food) for us maybe from Aitutaki or Rarotonga. Anyone willing can contact me to make arrangements.

The Palmerston Island Yacht Club (Bill Marsters)offers a variety of services to yachties including laundry etc. In general, just make your needs known and we will find means to accommodate you.

Sunny regards

Joseph Marsters

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