Indonesia, Batam Island: Temporary Import Permit (PIB) now required to check in at Nongsa Point Marina

This report by Richard and Susan Kidd, June 24th 2014.

Published 10 years ago, updated 5 years ago

Following the impounding of several Singapore based yachts on a rally to the Anambas Islands procedures for obtaining a Temporary Import Permit (PIB) at Nongsa Point, Batam has been revised.

In addition to a CAIT and, if appropriate, a Social Visa, it is now necessary to pay USD 150 for the TIP. You apparently cannot check in at Nongsa without it. Rumours that things are being made easier in Indonesia appear to be somewhat off the mark.

The following is the text of an email from Nongsa detailing the procedure:

From: “Sri” <[email protected]

Date: 24 June 2014 6:37:06 pm AEST 

Subject: RE: Entry into Indonesia

Dear Mr Gordon,

Thank you for your email.

Below please find the requirement to obtain Temporary Import Document in Nongsa, Batam.


1. Boat Specification 

2. Copy of passport of the Boat owner 

3. Crew / Passenger List 

4. CAIT mentioning Batam and other destinations in Indonesia 

5. Catalogue/brochure or Photo of your Boat taken from outside and inside of cabin area plus a photo of the engine with serial number 

6. Performa Invoice mentioning the value of your boat and it’s equipment & accessories 

7. Warranty Letter ( We will provide the form after we receive point 1 to 6)


1. After all the document is complete of the above requirements, we will process the Temporary Import document (approximately 2 weeks).

2. After the arrival of your boat at Nongsa Point Marina, we will start to process the Approval of Temporary Import, it will take 2 working days including Customs Inspection.

3. Please note that we will provide your Temporary Import only, and you will have to obtain Customs Export Clearance at the last port before you leave Indonesia. Unless you return to Nongsa Point Marina when we will be able to obtain Export Clearance for you at no cost / free of charge (approximately 2 working days )

Fees: US$150 (Payable upon your arrival at Nongsa Point Marina)


Admin Assistant 

PT. Nongsa Terminal Bahari 

NongsaPura Ferry Terminal 

Jln. Hang Lekiu Nongsa 

Batam- Indonesia 

Phone: 0778 -761777 

Fax: 0778 – 761056

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  1. February 27, 2019 at 6:39 AM
    Data Entry3 says:

    Update 3 July 2014

    The first boat to try the new TIP system at Nongsa Point has reported that agreement between the marina and the customs on the procedures has not yet been reached.

    The marina is advising that cruising boats do not clear in there. Apparently, clearance in at Belitung is OK but a full visa in advance is required (no Visa on Arrival).

    Yachts intending just to visit Nongsa Point and not cruise in Indonesia (generally Singapore based boats using the Green Book) are not affected by the TIP requirement.