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Puerto Jose Banus / Marbella 

Time of Visit: March 2014

* Puerto Jose Banus is the Southernmost of the 3 ports in Marbella;

– The northern one we got chased away since they accept only boats up to 15m LOA (despite there being more than plenty of empty space). It is a busy fishing port – so probably attractive only to locals.

– the middle one is so small and shallow that we turned around after only one short attempt to enter.

– that left only Puerto Jose Banus and to say it right away: We should have continued!

* Location: Half the distance between “Estepona” and “Malaga”.

* Approach: Easy; The conspicuous natural stone office tower is hard to miss.

* Upon entering tie up to the reception pier right in front of the office at the gas station.

* Very crowded port

* Ample depth even for our 3m draft

* Absurd rates! We did pay € 148.00 /for 1 night! (After paying 22.00 the night before in Alcaidesa and €25.00 the next night in Benalmadena)

* Deposit for the Electricity-Adapter (one I have never seen anywhere else, or we would have it on board anyway) € 186.00 (one hundred eighty-six!) – Cash only. Deposit for the electronic – access card (that’s only needed during the night, the rest of the time the Marina is wide open to the public) Deposit € 70.00 – also “Cash Only”.

* Very distant staff. Even the Marineros look at you “normal sailors” like they would probably look at cockroaches.

* No WiFi

* Great “Infrastructure”!  – if you are into absurdly overpriced shops for the “High Society” – including one that at least states within its name the clientele that’s welcome here: “Billionaire”. I did refuse to even look for a place to dine out – but the others aboard did and returned having paid for a (small!) Pizza Margherita (Pizza + Tomato sauce, nothing else) € 15.00

* No, and I mean: NO(!) facilities – Not even a Toilet for the yacht-people yet alone a shower. Which results quite obvious that everybody is using their onboard facilities – and when black-tanks are full they are being pumped into the harbour at night. That at least would explain why the place and the mud coming up with the mooring does stink like nowhere else.

* Of course: No Laundry on site or anywhere nearby we could find. (I guess their regular clientele simply buys new stuff and does not wear the same things twice?)

* No Boatyard, No Travel-Lift, No Mechanics or similar to be seen.

* There is a Supermarket near the harbour but you won’t find any “normal” “down to earth” food there. Everything is in the “Caviar-League”

Summary: The most absurd place I have ever been to and the only one I know I will only return to ever in a “Life & Death”-Emergency ..but then again: It might be better to drown at sea.

Peter – 786GlobalTour

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