Hong Kong to Sydney, Australia

Published 15 years ago, updated 4 years ago

Could you please advise on a route from Hong Kong to Pittwater sailing 50-foot yacht departing approx. March/April 08.

There are two route options to reach Eastern Australia from SE Asia. The first is to sail south via Indonesia, east through the Torres Strait and continue south inside the Great Barrier Reef. The most favourable conditions may be found at the change of seasons (April or October) but such a route should not be attempted during the cyclone season.

The other alternative is to strike out east from Singapore going via the Philippines and perhaps calling at Palau or the north coast of Papua New Guinea. The route should stay in low latitudes and cross the equator far enough to the east so as to ensure a better angle across the prevailing SE winds once the South Pacific had been reached. The route continues south past the Outer Solomons, Vanuatu and possibly New Caledonia before it swings west towards the port of destination. This route is best sailed during the safer North Pacific season (December to March), and May to October south of the Line.

I would prefer option 2.

Look up some of the suggested routes on the Noonsite General/ Routing page.

Jimmy Cornell, noonsite

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