Honduras, Roatan – West End: Three Boats Targeted for Outboards

Three boats anchored at the north end of the West End anchorage in Roatan, Honduras were targetted by thieves in an early morning raid on dinghies.

Published 1 year ago

Source:  CSSN

DATE:  2023-03-29 02:00

LOCATION:    Honduras – Roatan – West End

EVENT:  Theft


STOLEN ITEMS: 15HP Suzuki Outboard and 15HP Hidea outboard



Three boats at the north end of the anchorage were targeted for outboard theft at 0200HRS. The three thieves arrived well prepared with bolt cutters and cut the locks securing the engines to the in-the water dinghies of yachts #1 and #2 and stole them.

The owners of the third yacht interrupted the thieves as they attempted to use bolt cutters on the engine lock on their raised and locked dinghy, so the thieves were not successful on the third yacht.

Two of the men jumped in the water and swam away, believed to have been picked up by the third thief who piloted the motorized panga. A police report was made by yacht #1

CSSN NOTE:  If you are a victim, please take five minutes to complete the CSSN online incident report, it’s quick, confidential and keeps our cruising community fully and factually  informed.

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