Honduras, Roatan: Items Stolen from Catamaran

Thieves boarded a catamaran at night while it was moored at West End, Roatan and stole several items from the vessel’s cockpit.

Published 1 month ago

Source:  CSSN

DATE:  2023-02-15 01:00

LOCATION:    Honduras – Roatan  – West End

EVENT:  Theft


STOLEN ITEMS: Two Fishing Rods and Reels

SECURED: Not Locked


Overnight while owners slept onboard, a thief boarded and stole 2 fishing rods/reels from the cockpit of their catamaran. The rods were in holders attached to the cockpit overhead.

A police report was made.

CSSN NOTE:  If you are a victim, please take five minutes to complete the CSSN online incident report, it’s quick, confidential and keeps our cruising community fully and factually  informed.


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