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Can you please advise on the best route and timing for a “fast” trip from Hawaii to Valparaiso? I would greatly appreciate your comments on the following suggestion: Hawaii – Line Islands – Marquesas (maybe with help of counter equatorial) – Tuamotus – then beat south on port tack until 36S or 38S, followed by a run east and then up to Alejandro Selkirk / Valparaiso.

What do you think? Is it too crazy to even consider a second alternative of Hawaii – Galapagos – Easter Is – Valparaiso? The first leg could be a head-shrinker! As far as the timing of the first route goes, I was thinking of leaving Hawaii mid-Sept, crossing the Equator in mid-Oct, be around the southern Tuamotus/Australs by late Nov, which then loosely leaves Dec and early Jan to get to Chile. In theory, this should miss the relevant cyclone seasons and get the westerlies in the southern summer.

Thanks for any comments you can provide on these routes.

I think your best option is to try and sail from Hawaii to Marquesas direct – you may have a better wind angle N of the equator and making the detour to the Line Islands will only add to your problems. From the Marquesas you have to make enough easting to get to the Galapagos… alternatively you may be better off to just sail the best course you can to make it to Easter Island. Going east from Easter Is. will not be easy, but it’s probably better to persevere (at that time of year) and hope for the best, rather than drop to 35 S or even further south to make your easting with the prevailing westerlies.

The other option is to sail via the Line Islands to Tahiti and on to the Australs, then in 35-38 S all the way to Valparaiso (without going to Easter Island).

I hope this helps.

Good luck.

Jimmy Cornell

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