Haiti, between Corail and Pestel: Armed Boarding and Robbery – January 2015

Published 9 years ago, updated 5 years ago

DATE: 2015-01-21 03:00

Country Name: Haiti

Location Detail: Corail (Northern coast of the Southern Peninsula)

EVENT: Assault

Stolen Items: All Cash ( $1000 US ), laptops, diving equipment, etc.



A French couple and their children had anchored overnight between Corail and Pestel, Haiti.

At 3 AM they were boarded by 12 men armed with machine guns and machetes. The leader of the group was in uniform. The boat was “inspected” for 2.5 hours, rummaging drawers, lockers, etc. The roller furling and main sheet were deliberately damaged. The men were aggressive, with much yelling and arm waving, but the crew cooperated.

They forced the boat to go 2 miles back to Corial at first light after taking all the cash on board ($1000), laptops and some other gear from the captain. The official then “allowed” the boat to depart to go onward to Pestel, Haiti, the next planned stop.

It is unlikely a police report was made. CSSN became aware of this incident of piracy/assault while confirming details of the incident of piracy/assault, (also in Haiti), dated 16 April 2015.

Read full CSSN report at https://www.safetyandsecuritynet.com/date-2015-01-21-0300-country-name-haiti-location-detail-corail-event-assault/ [BROKENLINK]

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