Guatemala Customs Regulations

Published 5 years ago

It is being reported on the Cruisers Network Online, that SAT (Guatemala Customs) have a new computerized system in place, currently installed in Puerto Quetzal, Puerto Barrios and Santa Tomas, but planned to be installed country-wide.

If you enter the country at any of these ports or are based at any of these ports, then the advice is to be sure your boat papers are in proper order.

Cruisers reporting on the Cruisers Network Online, who left their boat in Puerto Quetzal from May to October 2011, returned to find the agent they had appointed to extend their boat papers had not done so. Instead of paying a fine (as was the process under the old system), they now have to go to the expense of importing their boat (30% of the boat’s value).

Noonsite has been told that SAT does a lot of control on the Pacific side of the country as there are many sport fishing boats there that never pay the taxes, so they enforce the law to the letter.

There is now and will continue to be one-year extensions under the new system. However, that extension MUST be applied for at least one month before the current permit (90 day or previous extension) expires. Once the previous permit expires the only option is to import the vessel. Customs will not issue an extension if you apply for it too close to the time of expiration.

SAT in Livingston is not yet on the new computerized system and current advice from there is that there is no need to worry at the moment. Things may well change in 2012 as the new President due to take office in January is said to be a boater, and indeed may introduce new regs to help with boating tourism in the country.

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