Guadeloupe, West Coast, near Pigeon Island: Dinghy and Outboard Theft off Restaurant Le Rocher de Malendure – March 2018

Published 5 years ago, updated 4 years ago

Beware if you anchor at Le Rocher de Malendure, close to Pigeon Island. Our dinghy with the outboard engine was stolen 09-03-2018. It was well tied up to the yacht during the night, but the lines were cut.

We were anchored at position 17 54,06 N 062 51,48 W, 150 meters from the shoreline. There were a lot of boats anchored nearby but no one else suffered a theft that night (that we heard of). Unfortunately, our dinghy and outboard were not locked or lifted out of the water, just tied to the stern of the boat.

We heard nothing so don’t know how the thieves came to the boat, but it must have been between 0300 and 0600. We did not report the theft to the authorities as we had no dinghy to get ashore but did send a report to the Caribbean Safety & Security Net.

Fredrik Hallström

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