Grenada, St. Georges, Outer Harbor: Night Boarding and Burglary – September 2019

At night while the crew was sleeping an unlocked catamaran was boarded and a number of items from inside the vessel were stolen. As reported by CSSN.

Published 4 years ago

As reported by CSSN:

DATE: 2019-09-01
Country Name: Grenada
Location Detail: Grenada St. George’s Outer Harbor
EVENT: Theft
Stolen Items: Phone, backpack, wallet, cash, credit cards, passports, identity papers, headlamp
SECURED: Not Locked


A catamaran anchored surrounded by 50+ yachts in the area near Ross point was boarded overnight while owners slept onboard. One crew member was sleeping in the unlit cockpit, another in a cabin below. The boarder/thief entered through the fully open salon door.

The theft was discovered in the early morning Sunday when the crew member attempted to find the phone. Also missing was a backpack that contained miscellaneous items including a headlamp and wallet (cash, credit cards, passports, identity documents).

A complete police report was made the next morning (Monday) with the assistance of a friend/translator on a yacht anchored nearby in this popular anchorage off St. George’s. The police indicated that a forensic investigator would visit the yacht later that day, which did not happen. A passing Coast Guard boat (unaware of what had happened) was hailed down, and they explained that only the police could conduct the required onboard forensics investigation. No investigators communicated or arrived and the yacht departed.

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